A Day in Little Tokyo

Hello lovely followers.. I decided to take you guys with us on our trip to Little Tokyo! It’s definitely a place we like to visit often. This is the Japan town in the bay area, let me know if you have questions about the products or the places we visited. 




Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Palette Review


Hello everyone! Can I get you all to say hallelujah and amen? My prayers for the perfect everyday palette has been answered. Too Faced literally had me at packaging. Not only does the packaging sell itself I must say quality is amazing. Let me use an analogy to explain. Let’s say this eyeshadow palette were a male I was Dating I would guarantee that after the first date I would know right away that he was marriage material. Why? Because honey he can walk the walk AND talk the talk. With a price tag of $49 I would say that was money well spent. 
Alright let’s get down to business! Here’s how this eye shadow palette scored..

Packaging: 10/10

Pigmentation: 9/10

Here are some photos so you can get a better understanding. 
I also did a Valentine’s day make up tutorial for this palette. It’s the same look I  used for the photo above. I’ll leave the link below!
All in all I’m so happy with this palette! If you guys create looks from my tutorial tag me in your videos! I would love to see your rendition!

Easy Shrimp Stirfry

Hello everyone! I have a easy stirfry recipe I wanted to share. I’m going to list the ingredients and instructions below enjoy! 

Ingredient list :

1 Bunch of green beans

 1 Cup of shrimp 

1 Cup of white onions 

1 Cup of green onions

 3 Cloves of garlic 

2 Tablespoons of fish sauce

1 Tablespoon of sesame oil 

1/4 Teaspoon chili flakes

 1/2 Cup of water 

Wash your green beans and boil them until they are soft and set aside. Add all the ingredients for the sauce into a bowl and mix. 

Heat up your pan and add the green onions, the white onions and garlic. Stir occasionally.


Now add the green beans, half of the water, and half the sauce and stir.


Add in the shrimp, the rest of the water, and sauce. Leave the heat on high until the sauce thickens and the shrimp is cooked. Continue stirring occasionally.


There you have it! The final product should look something like this.

Colour Pop Lip Swatch & Review 

 Hello lovely ladies! Today I have a lip review and swatch for you from the Colourpop line. I decided to order at least one of each of their finishes so that we can compare the pigmentation and texture. This brand is really affordable and gives you the best bang for your buck! So if your looking for long lasting lip color, but don’t want to pay the big bucks than this is the brand for you! Below I will list the colors I purchased and a review on each of the different lipsticks.

Disclaimer: Colourpop did not pay me to write this review I bought these products with my own money.

Ultra Matte Lips $6 

 These are liquid lipsticks that turn matte on your lips once they dry. If you’re looking for a low maintenance lipstick that stays on all day than these are great. They are not as drying as other long-lasting lipsticks and come in many colors, plus the price is unbeatable. Quick tip: I would recommend exfoliating your lips before applying this product to insure perfect application.

Pigmentation: 10/10 Texture: Very Matte

Colors purchased: Clueless, Platform

Lippie Stix $5 

 These lipsticks come in many different finishes and are similar to regular lipsticks. They also come in many colors ranging from nudes to bolder colors.

Pigmentation:7/10 depending on the finish.

Colors Purchased: Bound, Oh Snap, Contempo

Lippie Pencil $5          


 I LOVE the Aquarius lip liner that I bought it applied smoothly and was so pigmented! I was disappointed that I didn’t buy more lip pencils..


All in all these matte lip colors are a great addition to your make up kit or make up collection! I might do bigger review on them in the future. Thanks for stopping by!!



Bound on the left, Aquarius lipliner and Platform on the right

DIY Toddler Play Resturant 

Hello fellow mommys and friends!! This past holiday we decided to redo Ellie’s play area in the living room and decided to complete her kitchen set with a couple of posters and little knick nacks to tie the whole theme together.. I’ve provided photos to give inspiration, but keep in mind it isn’t exactly done yet. The only thing missing from her Resturant is a set of table and chairs that would go where the rest of her other toys are now. Please let me know if you have a question on any of the items.  

Resturant sign


Resturant sign and take out menus


Resturant menu


Easy Avocado and Banana Smoothie for a Toddler

Hello all!! I decided to post this easy and nutritious smoothie recipe for moms who are struggling with a picky eater. This took less than 5 minuets to make and I had extra to freeze for the next couple of days and that’s always a plus. Well, there you have it let’s get started!

Ingredient list: Half an Avocado, Half a banana, one scoop of ice cream(in the flavor coconut or vanilla), one scoop of ice enough to cover the fruits, and last but not least 1oz of whole milk or formula.

Now place all the ingredients into a mixer, and mix away! I have the Bebea mixer which I love, but I’ll go into further detail on another post!


After you’re  done mixing the consistency of the smoothie should be pretty thick..

I scooped out enough for one serving into a bowl, and than froze the rest!


Happy eating! Remember Mamas what may work for one child may not work for others, so always try to tweak and change the recipe to your liking. 

DIY Christmas Card

DIY Christmas Card

Bring some holiday cheer to loved ones who live far away by sending them a custom Christmas card! If you have a couple hours, and don’t mind running to Michaels than I encourage you to make your own Christmas card this holiday season. Below I have a step-by-step tutorial on how I made my Christmas card, but know that you can change and add whatever you like to make it your own. Alright let’s get started! First off you will be needing a box of plain christmas cards, embellishments to decorate your card, a christmas photo, scissors, a hot glue gun, and some pipes.

I got this box of christmas cards from Costco three years ago and I am finally putting them to use.

Here are the embellishments I purchased from Michael’s. Each pack cost about 1.99 since they were half off, the pipes were 99cents, and the foam sheets were also 99 cents each.

First you need to outline the shape of the tree onto the foam sheet. Each sheet makes about 9 christmas trees so I only outlined one sheet and doubled up when I went back to cut them out. I needed to make 15 cards total so I had plenty to spare.

Now comes the fun part you can add the embellishments onto the trees to add character. I laid out all the trees and just went down a line to make sure I had enough stickers for all the trees.


I made these bows to add to the christmas photos to make them look like a box of presents and than glued them to the photo.

Well, there you have it the finished product! I glued everything onto the card and added glitter to the background for some extra flare!


If you would like to opt out the glitter than you can skip that step.

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did when I was making it.